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Welcome to Amateur Radio (HAM)

NB: This training is for the Canadian HAM License

Amateur radio is also known as HAM radio.

This web site was put together to assist interested people to get their Canadian HAM license.
It was originally designed to supplement classroom training. We found that few people could dedicate the time required for classroom training.
Although there is enough information here to get your license, further training is required to become a competant radio operator..

HAM radio is a dependable communications resource when the normal communications fail, due to a disaster of some nature.
HAM radios communicate direct from radio to radio and does not depend on the fragile grid infrastructure.

License Levels

There are 4 levels of certification in Canada.
1. Basic Radio license - Pass the basic exam with a mark between 70% and 80%. This gets you your call sign and gives you VHF and UHF rights. (Line of sight communications)
2. Basic with honors - Pass the basic exam with a mark of 80% or higher. This gives HF rights with a maximum output power of 560 watts PEP. (Around the world communications)
3. Advanced license - Pass the advanced exam with a mark of 70% or higher. This gets you all privileges with a maximum output power of 1000 watts DC input to the final stage of the transmitter. There are other privileges associated with the advanced license as well. NB - you need to have a basic license before you can get your advanced license.
4. CW (Continuous Wave) or Morse Code. Although CW is technically not a level of licensing, you can get CW certification by writing the exam, once you have your call sign.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Basic Exam Question Bank.

The Basic Exam is a multiple choice test consisting of 100 questions.
The 100 questions are randomly selected, by computer, from the question bank list in the following format.

------BASIC EXAM TEST------
Regulations & Policies - 25 Questions
Operating Procedures - 9 Questions
Station Assembly, Practice & Safety - 21 Questions
Circuit Components - 6 Questions
Basic Electronics & Theory - 13 Questions
Feedlines & Antenna Systems - 13 Questions
Radio Wave Propagation - 8 Questions
Interference & Suppression - 5 Questions

Required Passing Grade = 70%....HF Privileges = 80%

Click Here To Download Basic Question Bank

Why Amateur (HAM) Radio.

View a 20 minute video, on Youtube, about what Amateur (HAM) Radio is about.
Click here - Youtube - Why Amateur Radio

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